Student body

True to our mission of guiding our global community towards international and intercultural understanding, we have created an engaging, culturally diverse community within the school.

A student body comprising of over
different nationalities

Our student body, comprising over 40 different nationalities, is the most diverse student body in our host country of Sri Lanka. While our students come from diverse backgrounds, they are united in the common purpose of achieving academic excellence.

As the oldest international school, we began in 1957 with 25 students and today our student body numbers 401 (2019/20 school year). The largest percentage of students are American (18%), followed by Sri Lankan (16%), British (9%), Australian (9%), and Indian (8%). The majority of our families come from diplomatic missions, United Nations (UN) organisations, and NGOs; while the remaining families have joined us from the corporate and private sectors. Our average annual turnover of students is 25% due to families being transferred to other posts abroad. Many of our students continue to gain admission to respected universities in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe, among other countries.

At OSC, we provide our students with a variety of educational experiences both within and outside of the classroom across the discipline areas. Our students are imbued with values of the IB learner profile (refer to page 7) that transcends the school’s curriculum and permeates through every aspect of the programme delivery throughout the school. In time, our students learn to develop a better understanding of these values and how they contribute to be a “global citizen”.

Student profile at OSC