Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS)

Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) is at the heart of the Diploma Programme.
It is one of the three essential elements in every student’s Diploma Programme experience. It involves students in a range of activities alongside their academic studies throughout the Diploma Programme. The three strands of CAS, which are often interwoven with particular activities, are characterised as follows:


Exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance.


Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle.


Collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need.

CAS enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning. At the same time, it provides an important counterbalance to the academic pressures of the rest of the Diploma Programmes. All Diploma Programmes students participate in the three course requirements that make up the core of the hexagon.

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