Learning with Technology

Technology has transformed education and OSC recognizes the importance of keeping up with the latest innovations for our students to acquire necessary skills to become leaders in today’s globalised world. They must become innovative thinkers, ask questions, research, and find solutions in response to the fastest-changing industry in the world today. At OSC, we effectively integrate the latest technologies and teaching methods into the education of our students and the learning processes.

Technology infrastructure at OSC

Overseas School of Colombo is equipped with over 80 Cisco Meraki Access Points to support the WiFi needs of the Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) programme from Grades 6 through 12, and over 50 Cisco Meraki Security Cameras, which are all connected to a state-of-the-art backbone network powered by Cisco Meraki Network Switches. Additionally, OSC utilises an enterprise-grade firewall, server systems, and NAS to protect our users from external network threats and offer services to the non-educational departments like HR, Finance, and Maintenance.

In addition to diagnostic services, the OSC Technology Department will frequently purchase site licenses or class application software. This includes access to online databases, cloud-based applications, and local computer programmes. All students will receive these applications as part of their tuition and certain applications are required in order to use a laptop at school.

Technology in Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Technology is integrated throughout the Primary School (PYP) in many meaningful ways. Students are issued school-owned technology devices to be used within the classroom. The goal of the technology programme within the primary years is to introduce a wide variety of technology devices and operating systems in order for students to develop a strong foundational understanding of how the technology works within an educational system.

Teachers carefully make use of our 1-1 laptop programme (Apple iPADS, Chromebooks, Windows computers) to enhance learning and reinforce healthy digital habits and routines. PYP uses Seesaw as their main learning and teaching tool.

The Primary MakerSpace and Design activities encourage the building of collaborative, creative, and problem-solving skills. Students will engage in hands-on activities that enrich their curiosity. The MakerSpace will allow them to develop these skills and understand how design thinking can help them create solutions. The MakerSpace is available to all classroom teachers to help supplement learning engagements throughout the year.

Students in Primary and Secondary also have opportunities after school to learn about programming, filming, and robotics through activities.

Technology in Middle Years Programme (MYP) and DP

Within the secondary school, the goal of technology programme is to help students have an expert or mastery level of many different applications, databases, and online tools that can help students research and create reports and dynamic presentations. This knowledge will help better prepare students for college-level studies to compete against other students as well as in the workforce. The secondary school has introduced the Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) programme where students are required to bring a laptop to every class daily and use technology on a regular basis.

All students and teachers are provided with a Google Suite for Education account, allowing students and teachers to collaborate, communicate, and do classwork digitally along with cloud storage. ManageBac is our learning management system, which gives our students and parents’ access to their curriculum and online learning 24 hours a day and provides another way for students and teachers to communicate.